Grocery Run!

I love the grocery store.  It is one of my favorite things to do if I am feeling bored and just looking for an adventure.  I love nothing better than strolling down the aisles, looking at all of the different food products, and discovering new foods I have never seen before.  Since being in recovery from my eating disorder, I have had a lot of fun finding, trying, and then conquering new foods.  This is a huge accomplishment for me because there was a time when I was so terrified of new foods, that I wouldn’t dare stray from my usual fare.  It was safe.  It was calculated into my plan.  It was predictable and familiar.   No more!

In the past couple of months and years I have conquered so many new foods that I would have never thought possible.  It truly amazes me that  I was once afraid of dressing.  Psshh!!   Then one day I picked up a bottle, read the ingredients, and thought, “hey, I’m not scared of you.  I think I’ll give you a try.”  Now, I cannot live without my Goddess.  Amazeaballs.

And sweet potatoes?  With peanut butter?  *Drool* They are like my drug.  Don’t even get me started.

But I think one of my greatest foodie finds was none other than my beloved Fage.  Our love affair began one simple day when I was running late to work.  I had foolishly left the house unprepared and was in need of an easy dinner with protein.  Thinking quickly I ran into the grocery, frantically trying to figure out if I wanted to buy a whole box of veggies burgers or something else.  I was stuck.  Suddenly I spotted a container of Fage, and quickly snatched it off the shelf.   I remembered hearing about this stuff and was curious about trying it.  I was also scared.  But there was no turning back:  I was outta time.

So I ran into work and threw my makeshift dinner into the fridge.  When meal time came around I was still anxious.  What if it didn’t taste good.  What if I hated it?  Anxiously I cracked open the seal, dug my spoon in, and took a taste.

Mi amore.  It was love at first bite.  The taste was sinfully rich and decadent, thick and creamy like sour cream, but not as overpowering.  I dipped my spoon in again and again, devouring every last spoonful until the container was empty.

Since that momentous day, I have always treasured those special times when I can afford a few Fage’s of my own.  There are kind of expensive so it is a rare treat.  Sometimes I only get them once a week, sometimes once a month.  And then there was that glorious time when I was sent a package of my own and I was eating it every day for a straight 2 weeks.  Bliss pure bliss.

So today when I flounced into Kings lookin for something to round out my meal, I spotted a glorious sight on the shelves.  What’s this?!!!  Fage 0% in 4 new flavors!!  I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Blueberry Acai

Cherry Pomegranate

Mango Guanabana

Strawberry Goji

I was beyond excited.  Being the mango lover that I am, I immediately tossed the Mango Guanabana one into my basket.

I first tried the mango guanabana mixture by itself to really get a feel for the whole flavor.  Midly put, it was delicious.  The flavor was light and airy and danced on my tongue.  It wasn’t sickly sweet like honey sometimes is, which made it really enjoyable.  I could distinctly detect the flavor of the mango and I loved the little chunks of it that were in the jelly-like mixture.  It made me confident that I wasn’t just eating some highly processed, heavily sugared-up jam product, but was actually eating a real fruit that came from a real tree.  I was also happy to find that it was still just as delicious when I mixed it in with the Fage 0% itself, which gave it a nice sweet flavor.  I really enjoyed it. 

Fage once again you made my lunch stellar!

My only regret is that the cup only held about 2 tablespoons of these yummy preserves. 

And that I am currently too broke to buy a lifetime supply 🙂


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